Life is a balancing act

Life balance requires constant adaptation to what is going on around us and inside of us.  Experts call it a state of “dynamic equilibrium” (an ever-shifting steadiness), where our changing needs are being consciously considered and understood, and then strategies put into place to meet them.

What constitutes balance will be different for each person and will change in different circumstances. Balance is not a constant. It is a dynamic interplay of environmental and relational issues, our own emotional, physical and mental requirements, as well as a myriad of other factors.

If we become too absorbed in particular activities other important aspects of our lives can suffer. Too much work can leave us with little time to build quality relationships or have fun and relaxation. Too much exercise can lead to fatigue and/or self-absorption. Too much television can lead to depression and lack of motivation. Too much time on the net can lead to loneliness and disconnection.

But how much is too much?….The answer is, “It depends”.  It depends on what works for you. It depends on the interaction of all the facets of your life.  Priorities, opportunities and needs are for ever changing, evolving and transforming, just like you are.

When we check in with ourselves regularly to see how we are going, we can adjust how we participate in the world. If we begin to monitor where our time and energy is going, when and where and with whom we feel replenished, and if we are actually living in line with our values, we can start to see how we can change our life to be more balanced, healthy and satisfying.

It seems to me that achieving a life affirming balance, requires deep self-awareness. Knowing yourself, I believe is a key stepping stone towards true balance in your life.